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Rolling Over Your 401(k)

In the shifting landscape that is today’s labor market, Americans are changing jobs more frequently.  It tends to happen for a myriad of reasons, from mergers and acquisitions, life events or just looking for a new opportunity.

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Buying into Volatility

The stock market moves fast on ordinary days. But during extremes, stock market declines can feel like terminal velocity implosions. To any normal human being these events can be terrifying. However as intimidating as they can be, severe stock market volatility episodes can lead to some of the best opportunities to create wealth for long term investors who have the audacity to overcome their fear.

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It Starts With You

It starts with you. With retirement a mere five to ten years away, many Americans will start to panic thinking (perhaps appropriately) that they are not on track to retire comfortably. In the decade that I have been an advisor, I’ve seen many unique stories that all share a common thread – the desire to live life to its fullest through the choices we make, the things we own and do, and the people most important to us. Having said this, I will share a few words that surround these concepts which willhelp propel you to the most successful retirement possible.

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Stages of Investing

Investing should be viewed as a lifelong process.  The earlier you get started, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Whether its saving for retirement, a new house, or college tuition, most of us will need to develop a disciplined savings strategy.  The easiest way to accomplish this is by making regular contributions to a savings or investment account.

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